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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Year 3!


Well done for all being on the ball yesterday with your home learning. It was lovely to see you all on TEAMs!


Today you have 3 tasks:


1. English
2. Maths

3. French

Please remember to also read and play on TTRS. I have been moving people up to the next times tables when they are improving, could it be you?!


Have a wonderful day!

Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To measure length in metres.

Continuing with measure, we are looking at measuring length in metres today.

You need to watch the video carefully below, pausing it when you are asked to complete activities. Then you have a worksheet to complete that I have attached below.

Measure length (m)


LO: To plan a non-chronological report.




Today’s English lesson is all about planning a non-chronological report. In your Home Learning Pack, there is a sheet with the heading ‘Planning a Non-chronological report’. This is the sheet you need to use to plan your paragraphs. You need to writ the subheading of each of your paragraphs and then write all your notes, using your information from yesterday for each paragraph. It is really important that you include as much information as possible as you will need this when you come to write it tomorrow.


LO: To revise greetings and number up to 10

Bonjour! In the lesson today we are going to revise greetings and how to say our age in French.

If you click on the link below to the school video page and look for the French Homelearning section, you will find the year 3 video called 'year 3 greetings revision'. Watch the video all the way through. There are 2 videos mentionned as you watch - to view these you need to open the powerpoint presentation below and view as a slide show. Click through the slides until you find the video and give it a moment to load. Try to sing along to the videos - they are a great way to help you remember the phrases!

Your tasks once the videos have finished is to make a note of all the vocabulary from the lesson, and then to complete three conversations like the one on the final slide of the presentation. Use as many different phrases as possible from the lesson.

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