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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 3!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have been keeping myself very busy at home: I have jet washed my path, started a 1000 piece jigsaw and baked some biscuits! I'd love to know what you have been up to, send me an email to let me know... You can send any work/pictures to that too if you like. 

Don't forget to start your day with Joe Wicks' PE! The link is below this text.

I hope you are excited for your learning tasks today, you did so well last week, I can't wait to see your efforts again this week. Here they are...


Love Miss Townson smiley


Get your INSPIRE Assessment books out of your Home Learning Packs and turn to page 5. I would like you to complete Section C (pages 5 - 6). You should use bar modelling to work out these problems and remember to show all of your workings out. I will post the answers onto the blog tomorrow!


When you have finished that, log onto Times Table Rockstars and play on Garage for 10mins. I will be checking to see your scores yes 




In your Home Learning Packs, find the reading booklet that is called 'The Hunt for Treasure'. It is green. Then find the Reading Question booklet that you did half of last week with the questions in. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions that start on page 9. Remember you can look back at the text as much as you want. 



I would like you to try and make a pop up card. If you can remember the technique we used in school when we made our Mother's Day cards you could make something similar. I have also attached a video below with some ideas on, or you can type 'pop up card tutorials for kids' into YouTube to find some other ideas.

I think it would be a lovely idea if you wrote your card to all the NHS staff that are working hard to look after the poorly people in hospital. Email me pictures of your cards! 

If you don't have any paper or card at home, then please will you draw a design of your card in your workbooks with a message for our NHS workers. Label it and show me how/which parts will pop up. 




Another Fun Activity:

Using the 'Making a Treasure Map' Reading booklet, can you follow the instructions to make a Treasure Map? Email me the pictures of your Treasure maps!

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