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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 24th February

Good morning,


I hope you are all looking forward to today's learning!


Today you have 3 tasks:


1. Maths

2. English

3. Music


I would also like you to do some reading on get epic, play on TTRS and do some exercise!


Have a great day!

Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To find equivalent lengths using ms and cms.

Today you are going to be looking at equivalent lengths. This means lengths that are the same. You will be comparing lengths in metres and centimetres.

You need to watch the video carefully below, pausing it when you are asked to complete activities. Then you have a worksheet to complete that I have attached below.

Equivalent lengths (m & cm)


LO: To write a non-chronological report.

Today you are going to use the plan that you wrote yesterday to write your non-chronological report on a Roman Soldier. I have attached a checklist of all the things you need to be careful to include in your writing.

Remember to write in paragraphs, including all the information you put into your plan. You will need to include subheadings, there were examples on your planning sheet.

You might want to include a picture with a caption and even a glossary!

If you want, you can write the non-chronological report on the computer and email it to me, or you can write it into your lined paper book.

I can’t wait to see all your great research and planning come together to make your fantastic reports!


LO: To understand ‘texture’ in music


Hello Year 3!

It’s Mrs Jones here! I hope you had a fabulous half-term and were able to rest from all your school work. Now, it is back to work!

In today’s music lesson, we are going to explore what ‘texture’ means.

Click on the link below to see your music lesson today from the Oak Academy. Your teacher is called Ms Boyd and she is lovely! She will explain all about texture to you. Then you can have fun listening to your favourite music and deciding if it has a thick or thin texture. In the lesson, it asks you to listen to 3 songs but I think you can double that and listen to 6 pieces of music. Make sure you blog or email your teacher to say which music you listened to and if it had a thick or thin texture. I think you will enjoy this lesson!


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