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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 11th February

Good morning Year 3!


I am loving the TEAMs sessions in a morning to see all your faces and hear from you every day! Well done!


Today you have 3 tasks:

1. Maths

2. English

3. History


I would also like you to listen to me reading Chapter 20 and 21 of The Creakers. It is on the videos section of the website. 


Have a great day,

Love Mrs Sethi 



LO: To interpret bar charts.




Today you are going to look back at bar charts and do some work around interpreting the data in a car chart. Below I have attached 3 worksheets. I am going to let you choose which you would like to do. You can do all 3 if you want to impress me! If it asks you to explain your answer, make sure you use the evidence in the bar chart to explain. I will post the answers to the sheets on the blog this afternoon, you can then comment with how you got on!


LO: To write a glossary.

Today we are going to be looking at glossaries. A glossary is at the end of a non-chronological report. You will find them in non-fiction books (information books). Usually the words that are in the glossary at the back are in bold. The glossary is then like a dictionary at the back of the book and will tell you the definition of that word.

Below, I have attached a list of words linked to our History topic, The Romans. I would like you to copy them out just like a dictionary, writing the definitions next to them. You will need to either use the internet or a dictionary to find the meaning.


LO: To find out about life in Roman Britain.

You will remember Year 3, that after Boudica’s failed revolt, the Romans were careful to make sure that the

Celts never had the opportunity to rise against them again. As time went on, the Celts gradually adopted the Roman customs and way of life. They began to think of themselves as Romans too. What do you think daily life would have been like in Roman Britain?

I would like you to start by looking at the picture cards I have attached below. Discuss with someone at home what each picture tells you about Roman life.

Next, I would like you to read the information cards I have attached below. You need to then find Worksheet 6B in your home learning packs and complete all the questions in the boxes, using the information you found on the information sheets.


Finally – now you know a lot more about the Roman times, would you want to live in that era or not? Explain your answer. I want you to write this answer on the blog please for me to see!

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