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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 27th March

Good Morning Year 3!


Wow what a fantastic week we have had! I have been overwhelmed with how hard you have all been working at home! Your emails are coming in thick and fast and I am responding to people on the blog too! 

I am sooooo proud of you all, we have survived a week of home learning!!
Guess what... You can have 2 days off tomorrow and Sunday!!! Woo!! laugh


My email address is if anyone would like to email me their work / photos. 


Let's keep smiling Year 3! Here are you learning tasks for today...


Love Miss Townson smileyheart


Watch the Homophones Video below and whilst you are watching it, write down the homophones they spell out into your workbooks. 

Then I would like you to write a sentence with each word in, make them interesting using different sentence openers and exciting vocabulary. You can take a picture and send it to or you could type them up and email them to me. It's up to you smiley


I would like you to have some fun with your Maths today Year 3! 

You are going to play Multiplication BINGO! You can play this in a pair or get your whole family involved! Follow the instructions below...


Step 1:  All players write down 10 numbers onto a piece of paper, these numbers must be multiples of the times table that you are working on on Times Table Rockstars. For example: if you are doing the 7 times table, you might write 14, 21, 35, 56 and 70.

Step 2: A third person can lead the game and call out multiplication questions from the chosen times table, or they can be written on cards, jumbled up in a pile for players to take turns picking and reading out.

Step 3: If the player has an answer to the question on their bingo board, they can cross it out. First person to cross out all the numbers on a line, shouts LINE! Then after that, the first person to cross out all of their numbers, shouts BINGO!!


I will put a post on the blog called 'Multiplication Bingo' for you to let me know who wins!!


Please could you create me a 'Chase the Rainbow' piece of artwork for a front window in your house. This will help to brighten up your neighbours, passers-by and community spirit during this difficult time. You can draw,paint, colour, make or build any size rainbow that you wish. Many families around the country have already taken part in this beautiful gesture, so I'd love it if we could join in too! 

When you have finished, please email me a picture of your beautiful rainbow as I'd love to see them! Follow the link below to see some more information on this...

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