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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 5 and welcome to Wednesday’s home learning! I hope you’re ready to work hard. The winners of yesterday’s TTRS battle were the boys! The boys scored 1594 and the girls scored 1147. Well done to our top scorers Liam and Bethany.

Here is what I would like you to do today:

LO – To comprehend a range of texts.

Today you need to look in your home learning packs that you were given when we finished school. You need to find the reading booklet ‘Changes.’ It is the one shown in the picture below. The reading booklet has 4 different short texts inside it. You need to carefully read each text and then answer the questions in the answer booklet which you were also given a copy of.


I know this looks like a lot to do, but you would be given 1 hour to complete this in school so you should be able to do the same at home. You may even want to give yourself a short break half way through! If for some reason you cannot find the booklets, I have uploaded them below. I have also uploaded the mark scheme so an adult or an older sibling can mark it for you after.


Please let me know how you do!

LO – To order and compare decimals.

Click on the link to take you to the White Rose website and look for Summer Term – Week 7. Watch the video for Lesson 4.

Then complete the worksheet I have uploaded below. Have a go and do your best. Don’t be mistaken thinking a number is always greater because it has more digits!


Mark your work and send me your score through the blog or by email.

LO – To explore African musical instruments

Hello everyone! Today we are going to visit the HUGE continent of Africa. Listen to the folktale from Africa called ‘The First Music’.

The First Music: A Folktale from Africa (Animated Stories for Kids)

  • The first instrument you hear is one, which you have played before, called the ‘djembe’, which is an African drum. This is matched to the elephant.
  • The second instrument you hear is a shaker called ‘shekere’. This is matched to the monkey.
  • The third instrument you hear is a wooden keyboard instrument called a ‘balafon’. This is matched to a bird called a crane.
  • The last instrument you hear makes a scraping sound and it is called a ‘guiro’. This is matched to a frog.


Get out your exercise books and write today’s date and LO.


Then, I want you to divide your page into quarters by ruling a line down the centre of your page and across the centre of your page.


I want you to write a heading in the first box and underline it. The first box’s heading is ‘djembe’. Now, I want you to search the internet using google. Type ‘djembe’ into the google search bar and you will see some pictures of djembe drums. Draw a picture of a djembe in your first box.


The second box needs a heading called ‘Shekere’. Write it at the top of the second box and underline it. Type shekere into the google search bar. Copy a picture of a shekere into your second box.


Write a heading in the third box, which is ‘balafon’. Type balafon into the google search bar and find a picture of it. Copy this picture into your third box.


Your final heading is ‘guiro’. Write it at the top of your last box and underline it. Then, type guiro into the google search bar and find a picture of this instrument. Copy this picture into your final box.


When you have completed this task, put a tick on the instrument that you like the sound of the best. Attach your work to today’s blog or email it to Miss Hartley. I hope you enjoyed learning about African instruments!


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