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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 2!


Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to  heart

Wednesday 25th March       25/03/2020


Wednesday morning PE lesson with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, live at 9am!


Maths- L.O. To identify place value in numbers.

Log on to ‘Education City’ and access the class work named ‘Place value’. Work your way through the learn screen and activities.

In your red maths book, please put the short date and objective at the top (underline both). Then, if you have a printer, please print and complete the worksheet on ‘Hang Tenths’, folding and sticking it in your book afterwards. If you haven’t got a printer, please copy the answers into your red book.

*Remember- 1 number per square please!*


*Please don't worry if you have trouble logging on straight away, I understand that the internet is very slow from all the busy activity on it at different points in the day. Just do your best, even if this task is done later on in the day, that's ok. smiley*


English- L.O. To identify adjectives.

From your home-pack folder, please could you find your ‘Adjectives’ worksheet, write the long date on top of the sheet, underline it and complete it.

Challenge: On the back of the sheet, please could you write me a sentence to describe Moonface, using at least 2 adjectives, a sentence to describe Silky, using at least 2 adjectives and a sentence to describe one more character from 'The Enchanted Wood' book. It could be Mr Watzisname, the Angry Pixie or Dame Washalot.

For example: Silky is a sweet, kind fairy who makes delicious pop cakes.

*Remember, a comma is used to separate two adjectives put together!*

Once completed, please put the worksheet back safely into your folder.


RE- L.O. To explore opportunities and choices.

Please read the story ‘James and his friends’ on the power point below. Then write your long date and objective in your green writing book and answer the following questions about the story.

*Remember to answer in full sentences, using clear capital letters and full stops please.* 


  1. Why was James excited that his friends were coming to play?
  2. What did James and his friends do first with the games?
  3. Why didn’t Brian get his game out of the case?
  4. Why did Brian want to go home?
  5. Do you think Brain made the right choice? Explain your answer.
  6. Explain how you think James felt when Brian left.



*Please try and make some time to read to your adult at some point today and fill in your reading diary!*


*You can play Times Table Rockstars anytime too, please don’t just wait for it to be a task*


Thank you for all your hard work Year 2. You are all super stars!laughheart

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