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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 9th July

Good morning! Hope you’re all ok. There were some great pieces of work yesterday and I still love receiving all your emails and blog posts. Please keep it up as we come to the end of the year.


Here are your lessons for today:

LO – To write a film review.

Re-watch all 3 video clips (Piper, Lou and Partly Cloudy) from this week’s English lessons. 


Partly Cloudy

Based on these three short film clips, order them 1-3 from your favourite to least favourite (1 being the best.)


Now choose one of the following tasks:

  • Countdown TV/radio chart show – Imagine you are presenting a section of a film review show – either on TV or radio. Write a script with a ‘Top 3’ countdown of the short film clips you have watched. For each clip, give a brief synopsis (a brief summary/outline where not much is revealed), an explanation of why is appears in that position on your countdown and who you recommend might enjoy it and why.


  • Film review magazine article – Write an article, suitable for a magazine, which gives a review of each of the short film clips watched. For each film, write a brief synopsis, who you recommend the film for, a rating for the film and your reasons why.

Please comment on today’s blog post to tell me which option you chose. Then post your work or send me it in an email. Take your time and think about spelling, grammar and punctuation.

LO – To read and interpret information in a line graph.

Please log in to Education City to find your Math’s lesson ‘9/7/20 – Line graphs’ and complete the games and the worksheet. To start with, there is a game which focuses on interpreting information from tables which will reinforce your learning from earlier on in the week. The focus then moves to line graphs.


Remember I am tracking who completes this so please ensure you do.

LO – To understand how to be a good steward of the Earth.

Read the information on the picture slides below.

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