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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 5! It's the last day of March today. Have any of you lost track of what day it is? Keep up the brilliant work. Lots of you are completing the work I am setting and keeping in touch through the blog and by email. Please keep it up! Here is your work for today:



LO - To write an additional chapter for The Nowhere Emporium

So you thought of your ideas for a new Wonder yesterday and planned your it's time to write it! Your ideas were fantastic - much better than mine - so I can't wait to read them. Please write your chapter in your book. Or you could type them up and email them to me. Have a look at the example below to get the idea. Can you spot any parenthesis, relative clauses or 'ing' sentence openers?


LO - To multiply numbers by 10,100 and 1000

Answer questions 5-8 in your exercise books. If you finish and want a challenge, have a go at Gio the Genie's riddle.



LO - To know the names of French fruits

Watch the video below. As you watch the video, write down the names in French of the 8 fruits you see. Then, write 8 sentences saying which of the fruits you like or dislike, for example:


j'aime les....... = I like .........

je n'aime pas les........ = I don't like ........

j'adore les ......... = I love .........

je déteste les ........ = I really don't like

je préfère les ....... = I prefer


The word that is missing in the sentences is the name of a fruit you learnt from the video! Please complete the work in your exercise books, and if you can add a picture to Mrs Miskell's blog post so she can see all of your hard work.

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