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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 21st May

Good morning Year 2,

I hope you are well and managed to enjoy the glorious sunshine yesterday! Your work this week has been amazing, I love your choice of quirky containers for Science and your fabulous vocabulary choices for your disgusting sandwiches! Let's keep it up!laugh

Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 


I am consistently monitoring your activity on online resources. Please make sure you’re accessing your daily tasks and making time to exercise!


Thursday 21th May     21/05/2020


Maths- L.O. Compare lengths

Click on the link below, then click Summer Term Week 2 and watch the clip ‘Lesson 1- Compare lengths’.


Then I would like you to click ‘Get the activity’ next to the clip. If you have a printer, please print the activity sheets and complete them. If not, put the short date and objective in your red maths book and work your way through the questions. Please don't feel like you have to copy out the questions, just writing/drawing the answers is fine. I can match your answers up to the questions. 


English- L.O. To write a set of instructions.

In your green writing journal, please put the date and L.O. We are going to write up our instructions of how to make a disgusting sandwich.

The features we need to include are:

  • Title ‘How to…’
  • Opening statement
  • Ingredients/ equipment written in a bullet point list
  • Time conjunctions at the start of your instructions
  • Step by step numbered instructions for how to make your disgusting sandwich
  • A small diagram of your sandwich or ingredients


I will write mine as an example so you can see how to set your work out and what to include. You can use my ideas, but please, don’t copy it as you will have your own AMAZING but gross ideas!


How to make a disgusting sandwich


Do you want to make the most gross and pungent sandwich you will ever taste? Then look no further, here is how to make it!


You will need:

  • A sharp, pointy bread knife.
  • A curved butter knife.
  • A cracked, filthy plate
  • Two slices of thick, stale bread
  • A jar of mouldy mayonnaise
  • Congealed, limp lettuce leaves
  • A handful of crusty cockroaches
  • Several wiggly worms
  • 10 slimy slugs
  • 1 gross grasshopper


  1. First, take your two slices of thick, stale bread and put them on a cracked, filthy plate.
  2. Next, grab the curved butter knife and spread some mouldy mayonnaise onto the slices of bread.
  3. Then, place the congealed, limp lettuce leaves on top of one slice of bread.
  4. Now, carefully lay the wiggly worms across your lettuce leaves in neat rows (be careful that they don’t wriggle off!)
  5. After that, gently sprinkle a handful of crusty, crunchy cockroaches on top of the worms.
  6. Quickly squash the 10 slimy slugs onto your ingredients so that your sandwich becomes extra sticky.
  7. Place the second slice of bread on top, press down and cut your sandwich in half using the sharp, pointy bread knife.
  8. Finally, serve your disgusting sandwich on the filthy, cracked plate, with the gross grasshopper arranged next to it as a bitter, crispy garnish.
  9. Sit back and enjoy your unique, revolting sandwich!


*You can draw a small diagram of your sandwich or ingredients somewhere on your page*


History- L.O. To compare Victorian toys with modern toys.


Read the power point below which explains a little bit about Victorian toys.


Please could you complete the print the sheet below or copy it into your green book, comparing Victorian toys to modern day toys. 



Have a lovely Thursday!laugh

Love, Miss Dewhurst x

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