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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 30th June 2021

Phonics Task

1. Listen and join in with the Tricky words video. Be careful it is different to yesterday's video. 

2. Now get your reading book out. Can you find any tricky words in your reading book? What tricky words did you find?

3. Click on the video - What is an Adjective?

4. Complete the worksheet below. Can you think of any adjectives?

Phase 3 Tricky words

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What is an Adjective?

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Maths Task

1. Click on the video - Counting in twos.

2. Click on the video - Counting in twos with Jack.

3. Now go and get 20 socks. Put them in twos and count in twos. Have you noticed anything about these numbers? Are they Odd or Even?

4. Can you count the sea creatures in the rock pool. Which creatures are Odds and which are Evens?

Counting in twos

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Counting in twos with Jack

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RE, PSED, C&L & EAD Task

Thinking about our story this week. Rainbow Fish was lonely at the beginning because he didn't want to share his shiny scales. But the wise Octopus helped him by telling that if he shares his shiny scales then he will get friends.

Jesus told his friends that he was going to give us a new rule.

Click on the video - Count on Me by Bruno Mars. Listen to the words. Can you sing along and make up a dance?

Write words or sentences about being a good friend and a bad friend.

Count on Me by Bruno Mars

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