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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 25th January

Task 1

Maths - Days of the week.

Click on the link - Days of the week.

Watch the Days of the week video. - Can you answer the questions?

I would like you to make Days of the week paper chain. Cut out 14 strips of paper.

Write each day onto the strips of paper. Repeat.

Link the strips of paper together starting with Monday and make your paper chain.

You can hang it up.

Days of the week

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Task 2

Phonics - Phase 3 - qu.

Click on the link - Learn qu

Get your whiteboards out. Look at the pictures and write the words.

Get your dice out and roll it and see if you can read the words for each number.

I have put some pictures to help you read the words.

Have fun smiley

Task 3

PD - Handwriting Practise - q u h

Get your whiteboards out and watch unit 35 - q and practise writing q. Then watch unit 22 - u and practise writing u. After watch unit 24 - h and practise writing h.

Next we are going to practise writing some words with our letters.

Watch qu words, u words and h words.

Don't forget to do your best handwriting and send photos.

Unit 35 - q

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Unit 22-u

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Unit 24-h

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qu words

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u words

Still image for this video

h words

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