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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Our History topic is the Vikings this half term so here are some lessons which will enable you to continue with your learning. 

Viking Longhouses
Click on the video and information links below and carry out your own research to find out some information about Viking houses. Then click on the worksheet below, label the different features of the longhouse and answer the questions. If you cannot print the sheet out, don't worry, have a go at drawing your own!

Viking Gods

Click on the link below to read all about the Viking Gods, where they came from and what they believed in. There are also many other websites you can use.


Then create an information page on all of the Viking Gods or ones you are most interested in. Include pictures and make it appealing!

VIKINGS: Norse Mythology

Exploring the Norse language

Have a go at the worksheet below which explores the language that the Vikings used. Also have a look at how the Vikings got their last names. This is something we have talked about at school when reading 'Viking Boy.'

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