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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 4th May

Good Morning Year 1 and Happy Monday


Thank you for all the work you continue to send me I really do love to receive it so I can see how hard you are working.


This week we are going to look at the very important celebration of VE day.

This will be celebrated on Friday. 

We would usually have been celebrating a Bank Holiday today, but because VE day is so very important and this year is the 75th ANNIVERSARY the holiday was moved to Friday. We will look carefully at this on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for Friday.


So, Joe Wicks first this morning pleaseyes


Now, last week we looked at shapes and fractions and finally counting in more than ones. Today we will look at Numbers to 100 in Maths on Education City.  You will need to think about the order of numbers and look very carefully at the patterns given to you. Don't be trickedwink


Then, as it is Monday, let's look at some phonics please. This is also on Education City and has Tricky words and common exception words to read and understand. The title is More Phonics.

I will be having a look to see how you scoresurprise


Now, remember last week and how you drew me a Birds eye view of your houses?

Well we need to thing some more about our special place in our houses today.

Think about your bedroom.

I want to know two things please. What does it look like now and, if you could have a bedroom that looks like anything you want it to, which could have anything you want it to inside it, what would that be? You can draw it from a Birds eye view or not. It is up to you.


So I would like you to draw me two plans


1 A plan of your bedroom as it is now. Label and colour it in.


2 A plan of your ideal bedroom. I would love to know what it would look like.


Please take care with your drawing and labelling.


Thank you 

I look forward to seeing your work today.

Mrs Clough

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