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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 20th January

Good morning Year 3,
Well done to our Home Learner of the week and school learner of the week, your names are on our school newsletter. I wonder who will impress me this week! 

I have put a GIRLS vs. BOYS battle on TTRS for this week... I can't wait to see who wins!! Please don't forget to do a challenge a day from the 21 BINGO challenge on the class page. This is your PE lesson every day! 


Today you have 3 tasks:

1. Maths

2. English

3. Music from Mrs Jones!


I would also like you to read chapter 2 of 'Case of the Uncrackable Code' on and play on TTRS for 15 mins. 


Have a fantastic day!

Love Mrs Sethi x


LO: To explore pounds and pence.

Today we are continuing with money, looking at both pounds and pence. Carefully watch the video, pausing it to complete any questions and then complete the worksheet below.


Pounds and pence


LO: To correctly use prepositions.
Today we are going to focus on prepositions. These are words that tell us where something is. You need to work your way through the power point below and then complete the worksheet I have attached. You can do this worksheet into your book with the lined pages.

English power point


Hello Year 3!

I hope you are all keeping well and working hard. Here is today’s music lesson.


Do you remember my favourite instrument? Of course, it’s the violin! We are going to listen to a short clip which teaches you all about the violin and the lady will play a little part of ‘Spring’ from The Four Seasons by an Italian composer called Vivaldi. Do you remember listening to ‘Winter’ by Vivaldi at school? That music made us feel cold, chilly and icy. I wonder how ‘Spring’ will make you feel? I am sure I could hear the violin making high pitch sounds like birds tweeting when I listened to ‘Spring’. Here’s what you are going to do:


Watch the first video below. Listen to the clip which teaches you about the violin.


Click on the second video below. Listen to the second clip which is ‘Spring’ by Vivaldi.


Click on the document below which asks you questions about ‘Spring’. You can print off the document and write on that or write the answers in your exercise book. Send this work to your teacher in the normal way.

Enjoy the lesson!

Mrs Jones

Meet The Violin! (Kid's Music Classes Online)

Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Spring (La Primavera), 1st movement

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