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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 26th January

Happy Tuesday Year 4, keep up with this amazing attitude at home and keep working hard! Try your best just like you would in school.

Remember you must blog me every day now! Click on the 2016 blog post to see all year 4 blogs and Mr Steele blog post to see mine. If you have trouble accessing and completing any work get an adult to email me so I can help. Parents/careers can email me on:  

Keep reading (GETEPIC) and logging into TT Rockstars daily also!

Have fun and keep active! Here are your tasks for today, take your time and have breaks in between each task:


PE: 21 Day Active Bingo. Read the instructions on the PDF document below and enjoy being active! Don't forget Twitter or Facebook @StJohnsPadiham


Task 1: English

LO: To understand a text and sentence structure

Today's English lesson you need to read the slide photos below carefully and answers the questions on the last slide and underneath into you exercise books. (I have also added audio of me reading the text). Don't forget to put the Date and LO. 

I have written a recount pretending to be a character in a short film that I have watched.

Lets see if you can guess what the film is about! (It's is called Another Dig and on the slide show below). I will upload the video in tomorrow's English task for you to watch! Can you imagine the ANOTHER DIG story in your head while reading?

Mr Steele's Another Dig Task Explanation

  1. Do you know what characters are in this short film?
  2. Copy into your book, any clues from the text which help you understand who or what is in this story.
  3. Go back to the text and can you copy into your book: two simple sentences, two compound sentences and at least one complex sentence (find more if you want). 
  4.  If this story had a picture to go with it what would it be? Draw this into your book.

Good luck and check out tomorrow's lesson for the actual video, it is great! Don't get the hump!

Here is the text if you want to print it out


Task 2: Maths

LO: Challenge Time!

Follow my instructions and the slides below. Write, copy and answer each question/challenge into your exercise books. Blog your answers!

Mr Steele explaining each challenge question

Math's Challenges



Task 3: French

Bonjour!! Your task today will be the last part of our lessons about shapes. In the lesson today you will learn how to say some prepositions in French. You will be able to say under, on, to the right, to the left and in the middle.

1. Watch the video - the link below will take you to the school video page. The video is in the French home learning section and has the title Year 4 26.01.2021. As you watch the video join in with any listen and repeat exercises, and pause the video if you need to to write down new words and their meanings. 

2. Complete the two tasks set at the end of the video. The tasks as you to write sentences about 2 pictures using all the vocabulary you have learned over the last three lessons, including shape, colour and position.

The powerpoint is included below just in case you want to check the information on any of the slides - but please watch the video as all the information you need is there!

Please blog or email your work so we can see the wonderful sentences you have written.


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