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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday June 10th

Good Morning Year 1


It's already Wednesday again. Thank you for sending me your work either via the Blog or emailing me. I can also see who is completing the work I set on Education City and what scores you are getting. Thank you for completing this too.The blog is on the website just underneath where you find Class Pages. My Email is


After making sure you follow Joe Wicks or Kidz Bop or Maximo on Go Noodle we need to get on with our work.


Today we need to continue to think about Length. I have another Inspire Maths homework task for you. Your measuring so far has been great!



This activity will help your child to practise using language about length and to compare the lengths of different objects. 


Important words and phrases:

 measure

 compare

 long, longer, longest

 short, shorter, shortest

 tall, taller, tallest

 high, higher, highest


You will need:

 pasta shapes of a near-identical size, or similar objects such as paper clips

 paper

 pencil



What to do:

  Spread your hand flat on a piece of paper and ask your child to carefully trace round it with a pencil.

  Ask your child to trace round their own hand on another piece of paper. You may need to help.

  Look at the two hand shapes.


o “Whose hand is bigger? Whose is smaller?”

o “Who has the shortest fingers? Who has the longest fingers?”

o “Which of your fingers is the longest? Which is the shortest?”

 Ask your child to measure the longest finger on their hand outline by laying pasta shapes end to end along its length and counting them. Guide them to line up the shapes as accurately as they can, avoiding gaps or overlaps. 


 Ask: “How long is your longest finger? About how many pasta shapes do you need?”

  Encourage your child to answer with a sentence: “My longest finger is about … pasta shapes long.”

 Repeat this for the same finger on the outline of your hand. 

 Ask: “Whose finger is longer? Whose finger is shorter?” 

 Repeat this activity for each of the fingers on your child’s hand.

 Ask: “What if you had used different pasta shapes to measure the length of the fingers? Would it have made a difference to the numbers you talked about?”  Ask: “You used pasta shapes to measure a finger on your hand. Could you use your hand to measure how long your arm is?”

Talk about:

  Measure and compare other objects from around the home, for example the lengths of shoes, the heights of soft toys or action figures.

 Use everyday opportunities to encourage your child to describe and compare lengths, using language such as: long, longer, longest; short, shorter, shortest; tall, taller, tallest; high, higher, highest.

For example: “The tree is taller than the lamp post.”



Look out for:

  At this stage your child is measuring length using familiar, identical (or near-identical) objects – in this activity they use pasta shapes. These ‘non-standard’ units help your child to understand the idea of measurement and units of measurement, before they move on to more abstract, ‘standard’ units of length, such as centimetres and metres. 


Next is English and thinking about parts of a story. You need to listen to the instructions and think about stories and what they have in them.

It is called



Finally today we are going to look at a Gospel Reading and think about some questions and how we would respond or behave and what choices we would make.

Read this story from Luke's Gospel Chapter 5 Verses 27-31



Here are the questions I would like you to answer in a lined book.


  • What was Levi’s job, what wrong choice did he make?
  • What was Levi’s answer to Jesus’ invitation to follow him?
  • What invitation did Levi give to Jesus?
  • How do you think Levi changed?


Also imagine you are Levi and to write a thank you card to Jesus for helping him to change his ways. You could write it on a postcard like this


Good luck with your work today and please always think about your presentation.


Make it the best you can.


I look forward to reading your work and seeing your measuring.

Love Mrs Cloughheart

Peace at last

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