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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Friday 27th March

We've made it to Friday! Well done for all of your hard work Year 5. You've amazed me with your work and attitude this week and I've smiled everyday! It has been lovely to hear from most of you on the blog or through email. Some of you have missed commenting on the blog over the last couple of days though so please make sure you do so. Here are your activities for the day (after your Joe Wicks workout!)

Are any of you going to send me an end of week email like we suggested in class? Send it to


LO - To use a range of punctuation to indicate parenthesis. 

Your English task today is on Education City under classwork. I would like you to play the game and then complete the worksheet. If you have a printer, you could print it off and work on the sheet but if you don't write your answers in your exercise book. I will be tracking who has completed the activity.



LO - To solve a range of multiplication problems

Last day on formal methods for multiplication! Your questions are below on the PowerPoint. You should be able to manage numbers 1,2,3 and 4 fine, however numbers 5 and 6 are trickier and I have put them on as a challenge. Don't give up though!



Rainbow Art

I'm sure you will have seen on the news or in houses around you the beautiful pictures of rainbows stuck in people's windows. I want you to join in and create a 'Chase the Rainbow' piece of artwork for a front window in your house. This will cheer up passers-by and add to community spirit during this difficult time. Be as creative as you want with your rainbow. You can draw, paint, colour, make or build any size rainbow that you wish. I will join in too! Please email me your pictures if you want to share them. 

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