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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning Year 6 and a happy Tuesday to you.

Well done on yesterday's tasks. Lots of you are working hard and we are very proud of you and all the effort you are putting into your work. But there are some children that we didn't hear from. Make sure you all log in today and complete your learning. Let's see what today's tasks are... 


Below are your tasks for today. Remember if you need to ask any questions go to the class blog and add a comment to 12-5-20 TODAY'S WORK. Keep checking the comments on this BLOG because that is where we will post our replies to you.


Fun Fitness Challenge week

What is your Fun Fitness Challenge for today? Well, it is called 'Sock Shot Sit-Ups'. How many can you do in one minute? Blog and let me know. Click on the link below for today's Fun Fitness Challenge. Enjoy!

PE At Home: "Sock Shot Sit-ups" Challenge

Here is a fun way to improve your abdominal strength and endurance. Before each shot, you have to do one sit-up. This is a one minute challenge. For your saf...


LO: To use a variety of punctuation marks accurately

Log on to Education City and complete the punctuation activity called: Halley's Comma.

LO: To understand a text

Go to the English folder underneath the date folders on the Year 6 website page.

Re-read the text saved there from yesterday. It is a Non-fiction text about the fantastic inventions created in AD900 Baghdad. Answer the questions about this text in your red exercise book or on a word document and attach them to today’s blog or email them. I will post the answers tomorrow for you to mark your work and post me your answers.


L.O Identifying and classifying angles.

Firstly I want you to click on the video link below and watch today’s video. In the video I will talk through each question and explain how to do it. Once you have watched the video click on the PDF and answer the questions. Please send me a picture of your work using the BLOG or EMAIL.




LO: To use the layering technique

Today your task is to use your digital paint package on your laptop or ipad/tablet/iphone to create your own Arabian Desert Landscape Art based on the picture choices you made 2 weeks ago. I asked you to choose your favourite 4 images when you searched for Arabian Desert Landscape Art. You can copy one image you chose exactly or you can select the ground from one image, the sky from another and a tree from another then combine them to make your own landscape picture. It is up to you to select the components that will create the most effective landscape art. Use the layering techniques that you practiced last week to create the Autumn tree landscape. Build up the background first where no white background shows. Look just how many different shades of yellow there are for the sand or blue for the sky. Your digital art should contain all these different shades. Then start adding the finer details layer by layer. This should not take 5 minutes but more like 30 minutes or even more, to create a detailed and impressive piece of digital art. I am looking forward to seeing your work. Attach a copy of it to today’s blog or email a copy to me. Good luck!


LO: To use an online translation tool

Today in French we are going to learn how to use an online translation tool, similar to the dictionaries we use in class. The powerpoint below explains how to find the translation tool on the internet, and then gives you a table with a list of French words to translate into English. Your translations can be done on a word document, or into your books and sent in by email, or typed straight onto the French blog post. Please remember that as well as writing the translations, you need to practice saying the words out loud too!

French Online Translation

French: Tuesday 12th May

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