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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 6th May

Good morning! Hope you’re all well and working hard. I’m starting to REALLY miss you all now but you are continuing to make me proud when you send me your wonderful work. Here is your work for today with an additional activity for VE Day on Friday. We were supposed to be having a whole school picnic to celebrate the event this week but as we are not at school, we are hoping you can do have one at home! I will be doing and I will share my pictures too.

LO – To use a colon to introduce a list

Today we are going to look at using a colon to introduce a list. We are very good at using commas to separate items in a list as we have been doing that since KS1 however now we need to look at more advanced punctuation. We use colons to introduce a list and it makes our writing much clearer. A colon is used before a list and the actual things in the list can be separated by using commas, semi-colons or bullet points.

Watch the videos below which will help you understand how to use a colon to introduce a list.

Punctuation: Using a colon to introduce a list (KS2)

Punctuation: Punctuating a bullet point list (KS2)

Once you have done that, I would like you to log on to Education City and find the classwork I have set for today – 6/5/20 – Colons. Complete the two activities I have put on. Remember I am monitoring your activity and scores on here so try your best.


Then I would like you to complete 10 correctly punctuated sentences including a colon and a list. Here are the sentences you should use:


  1. Whilst staying at home during lockdown, I have
  2. Lockdown has taught me
  3. Things I am missing the most are
  4. I can’t wait to
  5. The positives of lockdown have been
  6. The negatives of lockdown have been

Then write four of your own lists using a colon correctly. You could make lists about: your favourite books, what you had to eat or places you would like to visit.


After you have chosen the correct place to put the colon, you may separate your list using a range of punctuation (commas, semi-colons or bullet points)


Please send these to me by email or by posting on the blog.

LO – To divide with remainders

Today is our final day on dividing with remainders. You’ve been doing brilliantly with this so keep going today. Click on the link below and complete part A, B or C.

If you have any problems opening the link, please email me and I will send it to you that way.

LO – To use body percussion

This weeks music lesson will build on your knowledge of rhythms and will revisit body percussion. Read the PowerPoint and have a go at the activity on the video clip - be warned, it is tricky, it took me a few goes before I could get all the actions in time! Please post a comment on my blog post or email pictures of your work to Miss Hartley. I'm really missing our music lessons and look forward to seeing the wonderful work you create.

Mrs M.

Alpha Four ~Body Percussion Piece


On Friday we would like as many families as possible to join with us and have a picnic at home to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.


To get ready for this, you could:

  • Design your own VE Day party invitation
  • Create some bunting or flags to decorate your house
  • Research some recipes suitable for a VE Day picnic
  • Bake some delicious treats to serve at your party

You could even do a bit of science and design and make your own Spitfire. You could make it out of paper, wood, recycled materials, etc. Test out your design. How far does it glide? Does the material used for a paper plane affect the distance it travels? Try using newspaper, card, tinfoil, etc. and carry out a test. Remember, only change ONE thing to make it a fair test.


I’m really looking forward to seeing you joining in with this. Try and find something red, white or blue to wear ready for Friday!

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