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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 30th June

Good morning. I hope you didn’t get wet yesterday. What a lot of rain we had! Well done with your work yesterday. There were some excellent scores for Maths and I know a lot of you liked the story we looked at in English. Imagine if there were flying frogs or pigs in Padiham!


Below are your lessons for today. As always, work hard, try your best and send me your work by email or the blog.

LO – To write an amusing diary entry

Re-watch the video clip of the book ‘Tuesday’ or look again at the picture slides. Look at the picture of the man in the kitchen when he sees the extraordinary sight of the flying frogs out of the window.


Today, you are going to put yourself in the shoes of the man in the kitchen. In your head, think about the following things: What is the man doing? Why might he have chosen to go into the kitchen? How was he feeling before he noticed the frogs?  Is the man aware of all of these events? What might have been his first clue that something was wrong? What did he see? How did he feel?


Your task is to write the man’s diary entry, concentrating on including thoughts and feelings. Remember to think about sentence openers, parenthesis, relative clauses and of course, neat handwriting. There is an example below for you to read to give you some ideas.


Please make sure you email these to me or post a picture of your work on the blog.


LO – To calculate the perimeter of composite shapes


Today, we are still looking at calculating the perimeter of a shape. However today, you are going to calculate the perimeter of composite shapes. A composite shape is any shape that is made up of two or more geometric shapes.


Please log in to Education City and find your classwork ‘30/6/20 – Perimeter.’ There is a video on there explaining what to do, then a game, a worksheet and a ‘think it’ question. Please ensure you access all of the things I have put on. Make sure to calculate the lengths of any missing sides before you add up all the measurements! This is a common mistake people make.


Remember I am tracking your activity and scores so please try your best.

LO – To conjugate the verb ‘jouer’


In the lesson today we will look at how to say other people play an instrument as so far it has just been 'I play'. Work your way through the PowerPoint slides and listen to the audio explanations on some slides. If for some reason you cannot open the PowerPoint, look at it on the picture slides instead but you will not be able to hear the audio.

There is a table on the second to last slide - the first part of your work is to copy this table into your books. Use a different colour or underline the different endings in the same way I have done on the slide.


On the final slide there are 6 sentences in English. Copy the 6 sentences into your book - but leave a space after each one so you can write in the French translation. Use all the information in the PowerPoint to help you translate the sentences into French.  All the vocabulary you need is in the PowerPoint.


Please remember to comment on the French blog or email pictures of your work to Miss Hartley.

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