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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 24th March

Good morning Year 2!


Here are your learning tasks that I would like you to complete today.

Remember, you can email any work/ pictures you have completed to 


Tuesday 24th March         24/03/2020


Tuesday morning PE lesson with Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, live at 9am!


Science- L.O. To identify animal habitats.

Log on to ‘Education City’ and access the class work named ‘Animal Habitats’. Work your way through the learn screen and activity.

In your green writing book, please put the long date and objective at the top (underline both). Then, if you have a printer, please print and complete the worksheet on ‘Animal Homes’, sticking it into your book afterwards. If you haven’t got a printer, please copy the answers into your book. You may do this as a list. For example, 1-sea  2-house…



Maths: In your INSPIRE Assessment Book, please could you turn to page 1, ‘Numbers to 1000, Addition and Subtraction within 1000’. Please put the short date at the top, then read and answer the questions on pages 1-4.

Once completed, you could go through and mark the answers with your adult (in pencil), giving yourself a total out of 20! If you like, you can blog me your score too! I’d love to see how you got on.wink


English: In your 'CGP KS1 English Comprehension' book, please could you turn to page 3, ‘Making lemonade’. Please put the short date at the top of the page, then read and answer the questions about the text.


*Please try and make some time to read to your adult at some point today and fill in your reading diary!*


Well done for Day 2, Year 2!

I love seeing your activity online! Thank you for the lovely messages and pictures that I have received so far!laugh

Inspire pages for today

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