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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 23rd March


Re-read your copy of Chapter 15 of The Nowhere Emporium. Your questions on the chapter are on the blog. Remember you are 2014 entry and then you need to go on 'Grown up Blogs' and then find my blog. Please answer the questions and post your comment. 



Following on from our work last week on long multiplication, complete page 49 in your CGP Maths Homework book. If you finish, you could get somebody to write you some more questions to practice long multiplication or try to solve the questions below.




Following on from our work on lifecycles, look through the PowerPoint I have uploaded and click on the link to watch the video on the lifecycle of a penguin. Using this information and any further research you can do, create a poster explaining the lifecycle of a penguin. Include pictures and impress me with your drawing skills! I know you'll be better at me than drawing penguins. Do this in your book. I'll look forward to seeing them when we get back to school or you could even take a picture of it!

Penguin Life Cycle

Created with WeVideo Video Editor ( Download Android App at This video is about a penguin life cycle. I created...

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