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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 13th July

Hello Nursery! smiley


We cannot believe this is our last week of school before the summer holidays!

You have all been such superstars in Nursery and AMAZING doing your activities at home too - a big well done to you all.

We have tried to think of the things we would have been doing to make the last week in class fun!

Hopefully we can do the same for you at home and also reflect on the year we have had....


Task 1: A Reflection

Can you remember starting Nursery? How did you feel?

Do you remember when Miss Kidd and Mrs Barker came to your house to see you? Were you a little bit scared or were you excited and chatty? 


Soon some of you will be starting Reception class.... Think about how much fun you have had in Nursery... you will have lots of fun in Reception class too with all of your Nursery friends and you'll make new friends too with the new boys and girls! What do you think they are thinking and feeling?


Some of you will be returning to Nursery - you are going to be the big boys and girls and you are going to be so good at looking after the younger children who will be new starting Nursery. 


Talk to your grown ups about how you feel about starting Reception class or returning to Nursery. Can you draw a picture of something you are looking forward to? 


Task 2: Play the My First Day of School game 

You will find the link below... enjoy!

Task 3: Physical Fun! 

- try The Happy Dance!


- Move and Freeze!


- Shake Your Sillies Out

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