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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 12th May

Good morning Year 5! Hope you’re all well. Remember his week, as well as completing your lessons that I set on here, you need to make sure you:


* Read. What book are you reading at the minute? Have you read any poetry or non-fiction?

* Play on TTRS and participate in the battles

* Keep in contact with me through the blog or email. This is really important and I love to see what you are doing whilst you are at home.



Here is what I would like you to complete today:

LO – To create a fact file on a deadly creature

Over the next few days, we are going to explore deadly creatures from around the world (whilst sitting in the comfort of your own home!) This fits in nicely with our Science work we have been doing. Read the following extract from ‘Deadly Factbook: Mammals’ by Steve Backshall.

Then I would like you to complete 2 activities.


  1. Write three sentences to describe each of the five animals you have read about. Try to include some of the descriptive words used in the text, such as ‘sublime sense of smell’ (used to describe the polar bear) and aim high with your sentence structure and vocabulary.
  2. Choose your favourite animal that you have read about today and create a fact file about it. You may choose to word process this or create an eye-catching, colourful poster/leaflet.


Please email these to me or post a photo on the blog.

LO – To recognise equivalent fractions

You all seemed to do brilliantly – as expected – with your fractions work yesterday! I hope you’re ready for day 2 of equivalent fractions. Like English, there are 2 parts to this lesson and I would like you to do both.


  1. On Education City, under classwork, I would like you to complete the activity in 12/5/20 – Equivalent Fractions. It is called Choc-a-Block and should warm your brains up nicely.
  2. Complete questions 1-10 that are shown on the slides below.

LO – To express like and dislike for food


Today you are going to build on the phrases you revised last week, and write some sentences to say which foods you like or dislike. Please follow the instructions on the PowerPoint below. Please complete the work in your books and send in photos on the French blog comments or by email to Miss Hartley.

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