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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 21st May

Today's Self Care Challenge:

Make sure you wash and dry your hands. Use the poster we sent home in your pack. Wet your hands, get soap. Wash the front and back of each hand and rub around each fingernail. Rinse and make sure you dry them until they are FULLY dry. (Germs love damp hands).

Wash every morning. Before and after you eat. After you play out and when you come back from your daily walk. 

Lets start off our morning with a song, dance and a big smile!

Task 1: Make a bubble snake... You will need a sock, scissors, a bottle and a bowl with some shampoo/washing up liquid in

Cut the bottom off the bottle, add a sock to the end of the bottle and dip it in the bubble mixture and start to blow on the other end of the bottle!

You need to have good team work skills for this one... ask your sisters/brothers/grown ups to help you hold the bubble snake whilst you blow and make it long. See how long you can make it! Who can make the longest bubble snake?


Find something in your garden/house that is longer than your bubble snake and something that is shorter.


Task 2: Life Cycle Physical Task

1. EGG: Use your finger to make little circles in the air like little frogs eggs... then make the eggs bigger and bigger because there are lots of little eggs called frogspawn and do big wide circles moving your arms around and around. Then use two arms and cross your arms in front of you going around and around. Keep going count to 10! 


2. TADPOLE: Lie on the floor and try wriggle like a tadpole swimming - try and move without using your arms and legs.


3. FROGLET: Now you can use your arms... move along the floor only using your arms.


4. FROG: Now you can use your legs... move on the floor using your arms and legs like a frog.


5. JUMP like a frog using your hands and legs and see if you can move as you do.


6. JUMP as high as you can on the spot

Task 3: Sharing good news with family / friends / neighbours


Can you think of some good news? Think of something good that has happened that you would like to tell somebody. Who are you going to share your good news with? I bet your good news will make somebody else feel happy too. Maybe a family member, your neighbour, your friends or teachers at school!

Draw a picture of your good news and ask your grown ups to write on your picture what your good news is and you can share it with somebody.


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