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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Year 3!

Well done on all your home learning yesterday, I had NEARLY everyone on Education City. Please remember the tasks I set are not optional, you need to do them in order to carry on with your learning, just like we would be in school.


Remember to:

- Read

- Practise your spellings

- Play on TTRS for 20mins

- Exercise


Here are today's tasks... Enjoy!!


Love Miss Townson heart


LO: To recognise equivalent fractions.

Today I would like you to click on the link below to the White Rose Maths website. Then scroll down to the pink tab that says ‘Summer Term – Week 1 (w/c 20 April)’ (Ignore the date, it doesn’t matter it’s not right!)

Then look at lesson 2’s video ‘Equivalent Fractions (3)’. Watch it carefully.
Below, I have attached the worksheet I want you to complete.
Remember to also go onto Times Table rock stars every day, some of you are not going on every day. It is important to practise your times tables every day.


LO: To use apostrophes for omission.

Yesterday, we looked at apostrophes for possession, today we are looking at using them for omission. This is when a letter, or a few letters is missing from the word and therefore an apostrophe goes in its place.


For example:

Could not ---- couldn’t


Have a look at the power point slides below that explain it in more detail.


I would then like you to complete the worksheet below. For section A, instead of copying it all out, you can just write the words into your workbook. Section B and Section C I would like you to also write out into your workbooks.

Power point - Apostrophes for Omission

Apostrophes for omission worksheet


Have a look at the power point below to see your Music lesson from Mrs Jones!



Music Power point

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