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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 6th April

Are you ready for Week 3? I hope so! Let's make this week a good one before our Easter holiday. Please work extra hard and be super kind and helpful to your parents. Your challenge this week is to make sure you keep in contact with me through the blog or email. Some of you didn't last week and it's really important that you do. For those who did, which was most of you, thank you and well done.It keeps me smiling! The email address is Here is your work for today:


LO - To use effective language and vocabulary

This week focuses on all things magic! You have 2 parts to today's English lesson

1. Click the link below and read the prologue of the Nowhere Emporium – pages 7-10. 


‘The Nowhere Emporium is magic.’ Find all the evidence in the text which supports this statement.


2. Produce a descriptive piece of writing to advertise The Nowhere Emporium and persuade them to visit. Use some of your favourite words/phrases from the prologue. How would you describe the Emporium? What would people expect to do and see if they visit? Imagine you are a ring master inviting people to come to see the Emporium for the first time. Watch ‘The Greatest Showman’ opening for inspiration as the Emporium could be similar to this. 


Please do both of the tasks in your books or type them up and send them to me via email.

The Greatest Show - The Greatest Showman (Opening scene)


LO - To determine the value of each digit in a number

We are revisiting place value this of the most valuable tools in Maths! Click the link below to get your work and choose part A, B or C (you do not have to do all 3 parts.)


If you finish and want a challenge, have a look at the slides below.


LO - To explore differences between lifecycles 

So far in Science we have looked the lifecycles of: plants, humans, birds and butterflies. Now we are going to have a look at the similarities and differences. Your work is under classwork on Education City. Please watch the learn screen, complete the activity and then complete the worksheet. 

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