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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 29th April

Good morning Year 5! We have reached the middle of the week. Thank you to all of those who are posting on the blog and emailing me. It is wonderful to keep in contact with you and look at your hard work at home. Please make sure I hear from you.

Your writing yesterday was fantastic! I was one very proud teacher. Can you make me even prouder today? Here is your work that I would like you to complete:

LO – To continue a story


Yesterday, you wrote a setting description using the picture above as inspiration. The ones I received (through email and on the blog) were excellent and were just what I asked for. Today, you are going to continue the story. This will involve you thinking more as we don’t know where the girl was heading, what she could come across, who/what the disappearing shadow was and if she was heading for trouble. It’s your choice! Be as imaginative as you can. I’m looking forward to reading your finished story as they will all be different. Again, please email these to me or take a picture of your work and post it on the blog. It may be a bit long to type the full story out on to the blog.

LO – To solve multistep number problems involving all four operations

Your Maths work today is on Education City. Log on, go to classwork and complete the game AND the worksheet. The focus is on written problems which involve you thinking about which operation (+ - x ÷) you need to use and in which order.

LO – To recall rhythms

This half term in music we are going to revise what we have learned about rhythm so far. You are then going to try to apply it to different situations and use body percussion to add to the overall performance of new rhythms. Click on the PowerPoint below, read the instructions and complete your activity. Click on the speaker on the PowerPoint and you will hear Mrs Miskell's voice explaining what to do. 

Emoji Book Challenge!

I thought this might be quite fun as an extra bit of learning today. Can you name all the children’s story books below? Use the emojis as clues for characters and plot lines. There are 25 to solve, how many can you get? Post your answers on the blog and once you have done, why don’t you think of a book, draw clues like the ones shown and send it to me to see if I can solve it? I shall look forward to it!

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