School is now open! Welcome back we hope you have had a lovely half term break.
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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another



Here is Patsy going home in the car.

Patsy went with Jessica to Noah’s house for tea. They ate pizza and she played on the Xbox.

Patsy helped a Jessica with her homework.

Then they had some lunch.

Patsy bumped into DJ Stompy at Padiham Football Ground.

Patsy went to buy a drink

Patsy helped collect the money from the tickets.

Watching the game

Having a tour...


Then they sneaked into the dugout!

On Sunday, Jessica and lots of other children from our class played in a tournament at the Soccer Dome in Blackburn. DJ Stompy was spotted in the crowd too. Patsy cheered her friends on really loudly.

Pitch invasion....

Can you spot DJ Stompy and Patsy? They were so proud to be allowed on the team photo.

What a busy weekend!

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