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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another




Good Morning Year 1


I'm not going to say that it's Friday again... but it islaugh


You have all continued to work very hard at home.

Thank you and all the grown ups that are helping and encouraging you.



Today after getting up and active we have some things to finish off.


Your My Journey book has a writing activity to complete so we will start with that.

Please turn to page 12 first and you will find space to plan and write a story all about the dangers that you could encounter in the street.

There are some pictures to help you of a very silly boy!

Look at the pictures and talk about what is happening first of all please.

Then there is space to plan your story and on page 13 I would like you to write your story. Please use sentences, full stops, capital letters and I think you may need exclamation marks and question marks too for this one.


Maths next and more looking back at our learning.

Please just write the answers and show me how you have worked out the answers please.




Then lets continue in or My Journey book. Turn to pages 14 and 15 and circle all the dangers you can find. Don't cheatwink


 Mrs Maxwell has sent us a message today Year 1!

The children in school today helped Mrs Coan read a story too. They were inspired by Alexus yesterday!


Thank you Year 1


Next week is our last week of home Learning and I can safely say I have learnt as much as you have.


I am now much better on my computer than I was in February!


See you on Monday for four more days


Have a lovely weekend.

Love Mrs Cloughheart

Mrs Maxwell's story

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