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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another




Set on18th September 2020- Due in on 25th September 2020 


Your maths homework this week is once again a mental arithmetic test. We have done a lot of work this week in maths. Place Value, addition, subtraction, division and long multiplication. This will really help you with your homework. If you click on the PDF below the questions will appear. There are 28 questions and it should take you 30mins. Please do this work in your red maths homework book that you have taken home. This is not a mental test, so please do your working out in your book. 

When you have done your homework DO NOT bring your book back to school. Type just your answers into the BLOG or take a picture of your work and post it on the BLOG. 

Don't worry, only your teachers can see your work when you send it on the BLOG. If you are taking pictures please make sure you take clear pictures of all the questions. 


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