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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Monday 22nd February

Welcome Back

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Task 1

Maths - Number pairs for 10.

Watch the video - Learn numbers to 10.

On your whiteboards write your numbers from 0 to 10. Make sure the numbers are the correct way round. 

Watch the video - I can say my pairs to 10.

Problem solving:

Each time I roll 2 dice I make the total of 10. Which 2 numbers showed on my dice?

Let's learn numbers 0 to 10

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I can say my number pairs 10

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Task 2

Phonics - Revise qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee & oo

Watch the video - Phase 3

You will need your whiteboards.

You will need to pause the video to listen to Mrs Collins.

Remember to say the sound as well. It's practise Reception and more you do it the easier it will get and it will help you with your reading and writing. smiley

At the end of the video, I have put Phase 2 and 3 High frequency words. Try your best and don't get upset. Like I've said. It is practise! If you practise some of the words everyday and add 1 or 2 extra words each day, you will get better and better. smiley 




Phase 3 qu, ch, sh, ng, th, ai, ee, oo

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Task 3


Click the link - School videos and go to Reception Children 2020-2021 and Watch the video - EYFS All about Lent.

C & L - Talking Time:

What is Lent? How long is Lent? What did Jesus go without?

Draw a picture of Jesus in the desert. Write 40 days with No water and No food.

Draw another picture of you and what you are going to do for Lent.


Please watch the Lenten message from Bishop John. It was sent out to all Primary School children for the beginning of Half term and Lent. It is a lovely message for everybody and something to think about during Lent.

A Lenten message from Bishop John.

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