From 5/1/21 School will be closed. Only vulnerable children and the children of critical workers are able to attend. Work will be provided on the class pages.
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Y6 Topic: Light 


Our first topic in Year 6 is light. In class you have been learning that light comes from natural and man-made sources and our main source of light is the sun. Light travels in straight lines and when light hits an object that it can not pass through it will form a shadow that is the same shape as the object. Due to the fact that our Earth is rotating daily the length of our shadows change throughout the day. 


There are 2 lessons below that you can do if you are isolating. 


Lesson 1 - Movement of the sun. 

This lesson is on Education City. Click on the link below to access the lesson. 

Lesson 2 - Light diagrams


Watch the video link below so you understand how light travels. Then go to Education City and do science Lesson 2 - Light and mirrors and light diagrams.                         

Light | The Dr. Binocs Show

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