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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 18th June

Good Morning Everyone - Are you all ok today?


We've got something a bit different for you today....... some

"Under the Sea Yoga"

There are two parts to the link.

Part one is some stretches that last for 15 minutes

Part two (could be left until later in the day) is slower stretches and deep breaths to relax (14mins).

Your Mummy or Daddy may like to do them too!

(nothing too energetic- we promise!)

Task 1: A Pirate Number Game


Gather a dish of counters, buttons, pasta shapes, pom poms or anything suitable. 


Draw a simple number frame like this- one each for every player (or it you are able to print the pdf see below) 


Make some number cards like these and drop them into a pot or bag.



Take turns to pull out a number card. You may pick up counters and place them in your frame if the number has + on it..... but you must put counters back in the dish if it has a - on it. 


The winner is the first player to fill their frame with 10 counters

Pirate Number Frame and Number Cards

Task 2: Pencil Control Task

Try and use 3 fingers in a tripod grip at the bottom of your pencil rather than a fist grip.


Copy these patterns into your book or print the sheets on the link below.




Handwriting patterns to print or copy

Task 3: RE- Friendship 


Have a good look at your hands and think of all the things your hands do in one day. Compare the things they do for yourself with the things they do to help others. 




Make a handprint collage using just your own hands or make it a family collage with everyone's hands on it. Use your picture to remind you to say thank you to people for their kind hands when they help you and also to remind YOU to have kind helpful hands. 

Enjoy getting messy!

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