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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Sparkling Teeth

As part of our teeth topic, we decided to show off our smiles. We looked into what makes a perfect smile and came up with lots of reasons as to why we should look after our teeth.



We had a surprise during one of our lessons, one of our friends lost a TOOTH!


We hoped the tooth fairy didn’t mind everyone examining his tooth.  

We have learnt that many drinks can have an impact on our teeth. We created an EGGtraordinary experiment.

We placed an egg in a variety of liquids to see the effect this could have on our teeth.

We could not believe our eyes!


The results!

We have learnt that the impact of different sugary drinks can damage our teeth. We took part in an investigation by using a disclosing table to highlight any new and old plaque.


We have all learnt that we must brush our teeth twice a day!

After learning about how we chew our food we went on to learning about how we digest our food.



We created our own digestive system, the smelly was lovely and the experiment was very messy!

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