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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 10th February 2021

Hello Year One,

We are half way through the week and wow you are all working super hard. I am very impressed with your super Math’s skills yesterday during our morning online session! Well done

Today you have Phonics, English, Math’s and PSHE lessons. Please find these attached below.

Work hard and enjoy your day.


Miss Armstrongheart

Ready Year One let's get moving...


D.I.S.C.O. - Moose Tube | GoNoodle


Today I would like you to read a selection of words and decide if they are real or nonsense words? Remember to chop and blend the sounds to create the word. Use your chopping robot arms to help you do this.


Today I would like you to create a two fact files based on two animals of your choice. One from the Arctic and One from Antarctica.

I have attached an example so you can see the types of information to include. If you look at your worksheet I would like you to write a few sentences about:

Where does the animal live?

What does the animal eat?

Do you know an interesting fact?

Remember all of your hard work this week will come together on Friday to create your Polar Region Project.



Today we are going to look at ordinal numbers, this means knowing about 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and so on. First listen to our favourite singer Jack.

Ordinal Numbers | Jack Hartmann

Then click the link below for your lesson video to find out more information. You will need the 1st worksheet ‘Snail Race’ whilst you are watching the video.

Once you have done this please complete the 2nd worksheet ‘Colour the ice cream’.


For your lesson today please access Epic Reading, I have assigned a book called ‘Home Sick Penguin’. Once you have read the story there is a Take a Quiz please complete this.

Next, I have two creative tasks for you to complete.

See below for further information.


Huggable Hands

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