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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


May 2016

May has been the busiest month for Angel adventures. These are the last few from May. Templeton California, Newcastle, RNLI Wales, Greece, Manchester Airport, Mrs Carlile's kitchen, Ben Nevis, Bands on the Square Barnoldswick, with Captain America, Wales, Manchester 10k, First Holy Communion, Mrs Townley posting year 6 letters, , Lowerhouse Canteen,

Angels for sale at Reception's Assembly

This special Angel made by Tia went to New Quay in Wales for a very special photoshoot by Jon Thompson and his children Sofia and James.

Wembley, Manchester 10k, Twickenham London Sevens, Alder Hey Hospital, Craven. Heiffer Kelbrook, Austria, Blackpool, Bertie Carlile, Grand Canyon, Sorrento Italy

Bertie playing Hide and Seek with the Angels in Mrs Carlile's Garden and an Angel guards the Candy Boat that will sail up and down the canal.

Photos taken from a 17 day Grand Asia Cruise on the Sapphire Princess

Destinations  from 1st to last picture :-
1st pic 8th floor of the  taipei 101 building, Taipei Taiwan.
2nd pic sunbathing at Thuy Duong, Tri Thien, Vietnam.
3rd pic Beomeosa Temple, South Korea.
4th pic Statue of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
5th pic Top of the Peak, Hong Kong.
6th pic The last remaining remnant after the atomic bomb in 1945 at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum Japan. 
7th pic 1st fight from Manchester to Singapore.
8th pic The Busan Tower, Busan, South Korea.  9th Pic the Lion Statue outside the Bund Hotel Shangai.
10th pic Top of the Golden Buddha Temple, Bangkok.
12th pic same as pic 4.
13th & 14th  pic King Fu Panda statue Taiwan.
15th pic Nanji Road Shangai.
16th pic same as 9th Pic. 
17th pic 56th floor of the Sky Tower, Singapore. 
18th pic Manchester Airport departure lounge. 
19th pic same as 13 & 14.
20th pic  Shangai.
21st pic Captain of the Sapphire Princess.
22nd same as 3rd pic.
23rd pic Flight from Dubai to Singapore.
24th pic Shangai 
25th pic Shangai.
26th pic Chloe's Angel handed over to our friends Karen & Anthony who live in Perth Australia, where her Angel will continue its journey. 
This tired Angel climbed all the way to the top of a big hill, one of the 3 peaks. Mr Carlile and 2 of his friends went for a long walk up Pen-y-Ghent.  It was really windy so it was difficult to stop the Angel dancing in the wind!

One lucky Angel has been flying a plane with the Captain again, this time to Las Vegas and Sao Paulo in Brazil. One Angel went to the Dalmeny Hotel at St. Annes with Megan and another stopped at Hawes Caravan Park. Another lucky Angel has been on a Caribbean Cruise in the Atlantic Ocean and visited lots of islands.

New York, Miami, San Francisco, Grand Central Station, Turf Moor, Wicked at a New York Theatre, Liverpool, Padiham Community Allotment, Indian Restaurant , Pendle Hill with Miss Eminson

What a busy month! Our Angels have watched Burnley Football Club win the Championship, taken part in Colour The Coast run and run a half Marathon in Geneva. 
Miss. Eminson has joined us in Year 2 at St. John's School until July. She has introduced the class to Ruby and Rusty the puppets.  Ruby is the sheep and Rusty is the dog. They get to sit on the tables with the children who are working really hard in class. They went with Miss. Eminson to her home for a photoshoot with her Jet Set Angel.  They were very good models! A big thank you to Miss. Eminson's Dad too! From the photographs, can you tell what kind of place Miss. Eminson lives in?   

These photos are from a lovely lady called Nancy Whitt who lives in California. She sent the photos of the Elephant Seals in April. Now we have Bison at the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Nancy also went to visit a beautiful garden. This is the message she sent us.


This Japanese garden in San Francisco and is the oldest one in the United States. It was so beautiful. One part I really liked was the ponds of Koi. It was funny as well because the fish were so huge. And they were also mostly the same size. A man that worked there said that the reason is that people that live in the city donate the fish to the park when they get to big for their small ponds at their homes. They followed us when we walked by because they thought we might feed them. 

Nancy had a great visit to the aquarium. 
She tried to get a picture of the otters but they were being very shy. But the Penguins were very happy because they were getting fed. Her favorite things to watch are the jellyfish. She thinks they are so beautiful and float like clouds. 

This is the view the Angel had watching the jellyfish.

Still image for this video
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