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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Hello everyone,

I hope you all managed to enjoy some parts of the snow yesterday. I took Winston for a snowy walk, this time I didn’t get my wellie stuck in the mud!

Today something new is going to be happening we will be having a little online session where I will be able to see all the children at home. In these sessions we will all be able to have a chat with each other, play a phonics game, read a story and lots of other different things. Today is the first day so please bare with us as we all know how technology can be sometimes. If you are struggling at your end please don’t worry I will try and help where I can.  There is a short video on the school website to help you log in to your 365 account.


Below you will still find your lessons for the rest of the day.

I look forward to seeing your faces soon.smiley

Miss Armstrong heart

Grandma and Grandpa Count to 120


Please complete pages 22-23 in your Phonics books. I have attached two of the phonics games we have been playing lately.


Today we are going to continue with Lost and Found, we will finally find out the ending of the story. (I am very excited)

Click on the link below to access the school video page.  

Lost and Found The Ending.mp4

Still image for this video

I have attached your worksheet for your lesson below.

LO: To use prior knowledge to understand the texts and pictures.  


I really hope that you have all washed your feet, as you will need them for today’s activity. We are going to be looking at how we can measure objects using non-standard units.

Listen to the story ‘The Foot Book’, click on the link below.

The Foot Book

Before we begin your lesson, you will need a few resources.

How long is your foot?

  • Pencils
  • Pasta (parent’s permission)
  • Coins (any coin as long as there all the same)
  • Paper clips

Please find your lesson below for further details.


This week is Children’s Mental Health Awareness, I have set 4 tasks for you to complete.

Task One: What is mental health?

Watch the video to find out more.

Children's Mental Health Week Awareness.mp4

Still image for this video

Task Two: Listen to the Worrysaurus story.

Task Three: After listening to the Worrysaurus Story please complete the worksheet below.

Miss Armstrong had pre recorded the story but technology has failed so instead please watch the video on Youtube for today's story.

(Hopefully I may be able to read you the story during the morning session, fingers crossed)

The Worrysaurus by Rachel Bright, illustrated by Chris Chatterton

The theme for the Children’s Mental Health Awareness week is Express yourself. We can do this through talking, singing, dancing and being creative.

Task Four: Fill in you bubble writing Letters.

I would like you to draw the first letter of your name nice and big on a piece of paper. A little bit like bubble writing, inside the letter I would like you to fill in the letter with words or drawings of things that you like:

Example: colours, food, songs, books, films, people, drinks or anything to let Miss Armstrong know how special you are!


Look at the picture to see Miss Armstrong’s letter A.


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