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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Thursday 25th February

Good morning! Brilliant work once again yesterday. Thank you to all of you who are continuing to complete all the activities set. I’m so proud of you all so keep going. Not long left with home learning now!


Here are your lessons for today. Please remember to blog or email your work.

LO – To read a different version of Pandora’s Box.

Today’s lesson has 3 different tasks related to another version of Pandora’s Box. This version is quite simple and again follows the same storyline with some differences. See if you can spot them. Please begin with reading the text.

1. Firstly, please answer the following 10 questions. They are very easy and you just need to write the answer in your book.



  1. Who was the good man that longed for a wife?
  2. What two things did the gods send to Epimetheus?
  3. What did Pandora find in the cellar?
  4. What warning was Epimetheus given by the gods?
  5. What could Pandora hear coming from the box?
  6. Why was Epimetheus so cross with Pandora?
  7. What was the name of the good creature in the box?
  8. What message did the good creature give to Pandora?
  9. Describe, in your own words, what Fear might look like.
  10. What might Hope look like?

2. Read the passage below describing the box that Pandora opens. Rewrite the text again carefully with the correct punctuation. There are capital letters, full stops, apostrophes, commas and a question mark to put in. There are also 8 spelling errors to identify. Where a word is underlined, you should replace this word with a synonym.


3. Finally I want you to think about a different ending to Pandora’s Box. Choose one of the alternative endings below and continue the story. This doesn’t have to be long!


LO – To calculate the area of rectangles

I have been really impressed with your work on perimeter over the last few days. Today we are moving on to calculating the area. Area is the term used to define the amount of space taken up by a 2D shape or surface. We measure area in square units : cm²  or m². Area is calculated by multiplying the length of a shape by its width.


Please watch the video which will guide you through your learning. Then complete the worksheet below and mark your work.

Optional task

Have a go at the worksheet below if you find the work easy!


LO – To know that Lent is an opportunity to grow spiritually

Click on the link below which will take you to the BBC Bitesize website all about Lent. Watch the video, read the information and have a go at the task.

Now I would like you to complete 2 activities.


1. Look at the slides below and use the words given to fill in the blank spaces. I do not expect you to write both paragraphs out, you can just write the words in your book in the correct order. If you want to write it out to practice your handwriting then you can.

2. During Lent, there are 3 special ways to learn to love God more during Lent: praying, fasting and giving. I would like you to split your page into 3 columns. Label one column ‘Pray,’ one column ‘Fast’ and the last column ‘Give.’


Under each heading, I want you to think of ways someone might do this during Lent. There is an example below. You may also want to decorate your work and draw pictures/symbols.

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