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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all ok and looking after yourselves! 


4 days left of virtual learning!! Today in Maths we are moving onto 3D shapes and counting their faces, in English we will be doing some creative writing from Chapter 5 of 'The Enchanted Wood' and finally in Geography we will be learning about the features of a farm! It is important to start getting yourselves into a routine this week, so make sure you are completing your tasks to the best you can, using your best handwriting and presentation skills and having little breaks in between!


Below are your lessons for today. Please keep on working hard and trying your best to complete all your tasks to a brilliant standard. Remember to email your work to or put it on our school blog. 


Every day, please find time to log onto using our class code to read one of your assigned books or a book of your choice. This is very important as I am using this website to monitor your reading at home.


Also, please log onto Times Table Rock Stars daily to practice your times tables, which will help to up your confidence and speed! This is also a great way to compete against your friends and earn lots of coins for your character!



L.O. Count faces of 3D shapes.

Please watch the learn screen below. 

Then, I would like you to answer the questions from the worksheets in your red book. You do not need to write out the questions, just answer the questions in the neatest way you can. If you wish to print the worksheets, that is also fine.


L.O. To write a diary entry.

Please put the date and L.O. in your writing book.

Then I would like you to listen to the video (on the school videos section of our website) where I will read you chapter 5 of 'The Enchanted Wood'.

For your task, I would like you to write a diary entry, pretending to be Beth, Joe or Frannie and write about your experience of Roundabout Land!


Start your writing with Dear Diary. Underneath are some questions to answer that will help you to tell your diary entry in more detail. Please use lots of adjectives in your writing.


What could you see at the top of the Faraway Tree?

Describe what could you see and hear as soon as you entered the land.

What did the land start to do? How did this make you feel?

Who did you meet in Roundabout Land?

What problems did you have in Roundabout Land?

How did you manage to leave the land? Describe what happened.

Did you like Roundabout Land? Would you go back?



Geography- On the Farm

L.O. Exploring the features of a farm.

Please read through the slides below. 

In your writing book, I would like you to describe what each of these places on the farm are used for.


Cow barn

Hen house

Pig sty

Hay barn

Farm shop




If you would like to print and do it on the worksheet below, that is fine also.


You can draw pictures to support your answers when you have finished.


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