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St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Primary School Love One Another


Wednesday 25th March

Hello Year 5! We've made it to the middle of the week. You're working so hard and making me the proudest teacher in the world. I smile every time you post on the blog or send me an email. Keep going!


Start the day off by following the link below and complete Joe Wicks' PE lesson. Why don't you film yourself and email it to me?


Your work for the day is below. If you're wanting something else to do, you could join in the tournament on TTRS, read your book, draw a picture or create a piece of art or tidy your bedroom!


Your own Chapter 15 of The Nowhere Emporium – Mr Silver and Daniel in New York

Daniel and Mr Silver go out into Manhattan to visit a peculiar shop where Mr Silver buys an expensive, mysterious object. In the book, Mr Silver was not interested in seeing the sights of New York and was only interested in finding his elusive treasure. However I want you to imagine that Mr Silver is excited to be in New York and wants to show Daniel around the city before he buys his treasure. Where could they visit and what could they do? What kind of shop do they go to for Silver to buy his treasure? Use the story starter below and continue the story. Please do this in your exercise books and remember to think about Year 5 writing expectations (parenthesis, relative clauses, noun phrases etc.) You could use some of your sentence openers from yesterday. If you would rather type your story that’s fine. Email it to me so that I can read it!


The Nowhere Emporium arrived in New York on 30th October 1929. However this time, the shop’s arrival was different. Twilight came and went and Mr Silver did not open the Emporium. “Daniel, this city has a magic of its own and I want you to see it for yourself. We have a task to do and I want to show you the sights of NYC.”


Eager to explore Manhattan, Daniel bounded towards the door and they both set off into the night into the city that never sleeps.


Maths - Mixed Multiplication

Click on the link below which will take you to your Maths work for today. There are a selection of multiplication questions. Write the answers down in your exercise book. I will also post on the blog to see how you found the questions. I will post the answers tomorrow.


Music - Samba time!

Watch the first 4 minutes of the samba clip. Can you identify any of the techniques we have been using in our Samba lessons? For example can you spot any call and response, shouts, calls, introductions and/or endings? Mrs Miskell will post on the blog where you should comment once you have watched the video. 



Samba rhythms

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